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Professional Services include:

GPS Surveys

Cotton & Light Ltd utilizes the latest satellite positioning technology and use Sokkia real-time kinematic (RTK) satellite receivers that operate off both the Russian GLONASS and American GPS satellite constellations. The benefits of this are a greater accuracy and the ability to work in marginal conditions where a GPS only system would have difficulty obtaining an accurate fix. The combination of satelite positioning and conventional survey technology leads to cost effective solutions to clients survey requirements.

Engineering Survey Services

Cotton & Light provide cost effective engineering set out and as-built services to the construction industry using the latest in GPS and reflector-less survey technology.

They stay up to date on current tenders by local authorities, and can provide on request a free service where a price to set out and/or  provide as built drawing is provided automatically.

Cotton & Light employ staff experienced in the construction industry who are aware of the cost and operational constraints of contractors.


Boundary Redefinition

If you are building a new fence or building, or are involved in a boundary dispute you may need to locate your boundary and should consider undertaking a redefinition survey in which the old pegs may be found and positions checked. If the old pegs have been destroyed they can be replaced based on old survey records and positions of nearby survey marks.

When purchasing a property if there is any doubt as to the position of the buildings in relation to the boundary it is a good idea to have the property surveyed. Just because the council has issued a code of compliance certificate on the buildings there is no guarantee that they are not encroaching into adjoining properties.

Cotton & Light Ltd has access to old Land Information New Zealand survey records via Landonline. This online access is supplemented by an extensive record archive stored on microfilm and paper prints.

Topographical Surveys

If you're building your new home or starting a land development project, they can undertake a Topographical Survey to your specifications and provide the required data in digital or hardcopy format. 

Cotton & Light use the digital data available from landonline, in conjunction with their GPS to produce accurate and cost effective data ready for use by building design professionals.

Resource Consent Applications

Cotton & Light Ltd specialises in subdivision consent applications and associated resource consents. Services include a pre-application assessment, the application itself including preparation of plans, assessment of effects and provision of other information to council for approval.

An important part of the consent process is the verification of the legality and practicality of conditions imposed by the local authority and the applicants right to a section 357 objection under the Resource Management Act. Cotton & Light can advise on these matters.


The team at Cotton & Light Ltd have considerable experience when it comes to subdivisions such as rural , residential and unit title subdivisions. Services include the resource consent application, engineering design and supervision, as-built engineering plans and the title survey.

Land Development Project Management

If you've never been involved in major or minor subdivisions, and are concerned of the pitfalls and traps, the team at Cotton & Light can manage your project.

They can prepare construction contracts including preparing work specifications and quantity schedules, calling for tenders and employing contractors. Observing and monitoring work in progress and following up by checking contractors payment claims. We can supply monthly reports on your project.


Their cost effective use of  GPS  and other modern technology is well suited to the surveying services to establish their precise location to enable the preparation of an easement plan.

Cotton & Light Ltd surveys and prepares easement plans for power and telephone network companies. As well as power and telephone common types of easement include  drainage (sewer and stormwater), right to convey water and rights of way.

Access to Land Information New Zealand records via Landonline

Cotton & Light Ltd are registered users of New Zealand's Land Information System (Landonline). We can access land titles  and survey plans through the Internet and send via email or post.

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